10 Things You Can Do With a Hydraulic Press

Not everyone has the chance to work with a hydraulic press, but if you do, you may want to jump at the opportunity. Hydraulic presses are powerful machines that you can use for many things.

Have you ever wondered how thin you can pound a soda can or how much force it takes to pop a basketball? A hydraulic press is a perfect tool for aspiring scientists. You can try all sorts of experiments with a working press.

Hydraulic presses are also excellent at shaping metals and other hard materials. If you’re making objects to use in your yard or want to give metal art a try, then a press will come in very handy.

car mechanic working with hydraulic press

We’ve put together a list of ten things you can do with a hydraulic press.

1. Use as a Trash Compactor

Hydraulic presses work very well as trash compactors. They’re fantastic for people who generate a lot of trash at home, or for small businesses who need to shrink things down.

A hydraulic press will spare you from having to take trips to the dump to dispose of larger items. You can even get by without having a pick-up truck.

All you have to do is stick larger items under the hydraulic press, and it will do the rest.

Of course, the size of the trash you can compress will depend on how big your press is, but it’s certainly an effective way to save space in your trash bin.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

Youtube video service on laptop screen

Using a hydraulic press doesn’t have to be practical. If you look online, many people use them for unusual things.

You can start a YouTube channel showcasing different uses for a hydraulic press.

As long as you stay safe, you can smash or bend anything you get your hands on, such as a soda bottle or a baseball.

The power of the hydraulic press means you can compact anything that fits inside. Some channels bring in millions of viewers to watch what will be crushed next. Why not give it a try?

3. Bend Metal

If you need to bend a thick metal pole or want to curve something straight, you should put it under a hydraulic press. Blacksmiths and carmakers use presses to shape metal and other hard materials into rims, fenders, and knives.

If you’re trying to make a wheelbarrow at home or a custom tool, a hydraulic press will lend you the muscle you need to bend steel.

4. Make Metal Art

Motorbike artwork using metal scrap

Give your artistic side a boost with the power of a hydraulic press.

If you’ve ever wanted to build a metal structure for your yard, you can use the press to shape metal or punch holes through hard surfaces.

A hydraulic press does an excellent job at shaping metal. In addition, it can pierce almost anything, which means you can sculpt scrap metal and break through stubborn or rusted bolts with no problems.

5. Packing Boxes

Some small business owners spend a lot of time packing boxes. Finding the right size of box for your product takes a lot of work.

If you’re shipping soft materials like textiles, bean bags, or stuffed animals, you can use a hydraulic press to push out the excess air and pack boxes faster.

6. Make Widgets

With a hydraulic press, you can make your own bolts, screws, washers, and other tools. In addition, it’s relatively easy to find molds and materials online to use with a personal press in your shop.

7. Save Money on Repairs

Gold dollar symbol under the hydraulic press

One of the best things about a hydraulic press is that you can bend pieces of metal back into shape when you need to.

It’s great to have a hydraulic press when your kid backs into the garage door and bends the tracks. You can also use a hydraulic press to straighten your mailbox if someone damages it.

There are many things you can fix with a hydraulic press: old weight-lifting equipment, a bent fence post, or a twisted wrench. Use your press to save money on costly repairs.

8. Break Through Rust

Hydraulic presses come in handy when working with old metal parts.

For example, if you’re trying to repair galvanized pipes, you may come across joints that are sealed shut with years of rust. You also may have trouble removing a towing hitch from your truck that you need to replace.

Instead of trying to wrench the parts apart manually or spending money on an expensive replacement, stick it under the hydraulic press and fix it yourself. When positioned correctly, your press will puncture any kind of rust.

9. Crush Old Oil Filters

Close up used oil filter in hand a man compare with the new oil filter service concept of oil in the check period

With a hydraulic press, you can correctly dispose of old oil canisters.

Some places have limits on how much liquid can be inside canisters before tossing them out. This often means letting them drain for days.

A hydraulic press smashes the canisters, squeezing all of the liquid out and saving your garbage space. You can change the oil in your car at home without any stress knowing that you’re following the guidelines.

10. Make Paper

If you’ve ever made paper at home, you know that it normally comes out wrinkly and bumpy. It’s a fun project, but there aren’t many practical uses for homemade recycled paper.

Using a hydraulic press, you can smash pulp into flat sheets of paper, ideal for art projects. You can push the press all the way down onto the paper to make it compact and robust.

A hydraulic press certainly isn’t for everyone, but it can be a lot of fun in the right hands. You can do things with a press that you couldn’t otherwise.

As always, safety comes first. Make sure you’re not doing anything dangerous. Other than that, have fun with your press and explore what you can do!


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