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11 Things to Know Before Dating a British Woman (Interesting Tips!)

Dating someone from another country or culture is always an exciting experience.

If you’re lucky enough to date a British woman, you’ve got it made because American and British cultures are somewhat similar. On the other hand, places like Asia or Eastern Europe are incredibly different. The U.S. and Great Britain are sister countries, so there’s already a lot of commonality and tolerance built in.

Dating a British woman can be a lot of fun! There’s a lot she can teach you about life in the U.K. to broaden your horizons.

Typically, women from the U.K. place more emphasis on formality and manners.

To many of them, people in America are much more forward and open.

As a result, you can expect to be the one to initiate conversations, propose dates, and follow up to progress the relationship. In short, they often like to be romanced more than your typical modern American woman.

British women are also typically much more reserved in how much they share. Americans can be pretty emotional, but the English are not accustomed to telling people how they feel as freely. So, you can expect less feedback or emotional support at the beginning of relationships.

However, as you date and become more comfortable, British women can be incredible partners. They have a unique view of the world and are often ready for some wholesome fun wherever they can find it.

Here are some tips you need to know before you date a British woman.

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British Women Are More Traditional

Dating in the U.K. is more old-fashioned.

To a British woman, the dating scene in the U.S. can seem like a free for all. There is much less casual dating going on in the U.K., though mobile dating apps and online profiles are changing things.

Not every woman in the U.K. is conservative, but you should approach dating with a hint of caution. They may expect you to ask them out, arrange a reservation, pick up the tab, bring flowers, etc. Once they feel a bit more relaxed, however, they’ll start interjecting and providing ideas for the next dates.

Also, once you’ve been on a few dates, you should expect a conversation with a British girl about what it all means and your intentions. They’ll be more inclined to define the relationship earlier than your typical American woman.

Money Isn’t as Important

Men in the States frequently complain that American women are too focused on money. While it’s certainly a factor in any relationship, you’ll discover that it’s much less of an issue for British women. 

They tend to be more idealistic than American women and want the fairytale relationship even if she’s a doctor and you’re a mechanic.

Knowing this, you should proceed with caution whenever you feel like you want to discuss finances. For example, going on your first trip together, you may want to settle who’s paying for what. In the U.K., this can feel borderline rude.

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Splitting the Bill on Dates Is Common

This tip may seem surprising based on the above subject, but British women often expect to pay for half of the bill when they’re on a date.

Sure, they’ll be flattered and appreciative if you pay for the whole thing, but people in the U.K. regularly go Dutch on their dates because they approach it as a sort of feeling-out process. If they have to pay for their latte to figure out what kind of man you are, then so be it.

They Love Football!

Generally, British women love football. But not American football. If you’re lucky enough to date a British woman who has even seen an NFL game, she’s a keeper!

For most British women that are interested in sports, they will often only know about soccer and the Premier League.

If you want to impress them, do some research about local teams and some of the local rivalries. It will show her that you’re also interested in what’s happening on her side of the pond.

Maintain Decorum

We’ve already mentioned that British women are less likely to exhibit emotion compared to American girls. Indeed, they keep things relatively buttoned up.

In addition, most British women react very negatively anytime you or someone else loses their temper or is rude.

Don’t even lose your manners, especially when dealing with any of the serving staff or anyone else you come across working wherever you have your date. This will be a significant red flag!

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Show Interest in Her Upbringing

British women place a good deal of importance on where they grew up, their families, and their close group of friends from school. So, there’s a good chance you’ll visit their old hometown even if they live somewhere like London or New York. To British women, there’s always a special place in their hearts for the small streets and simpler times of their childhood.

Of course, you should expect to meet all her family, friends, and acquaintances.

If their hometown is especially small, expect everyone from the barber to the grocery store clerks to ask about her new American boyfriend.

Appreciate Their Independence

British women are notoriously independent.

They’re looking for a partner, not someone to take care of all their needs. If you ask most British women, they’ll still want to keep their jobs even if they’re dating someone very wealthy.

British women have a stereotype of being thrifty and practical, so you won’t catch them blowing the household budget or showing a preference for overly fancy dinners. They like value but don’t enjoy blowing money.

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Social Status Matters

You can expect a British woman to love you for who you are and not your salary, but the pedigree is still sort of a big deal.

British people, as a whole, emphasize social status. In Britain, pedigree isn’t the same as having money. It’s more about education, family name, and traditions. Where you went to school, your accent, dress, etc., all denote a particular class.

People usually date within their social stratosphere. Many British people complain that even though they make a lot of money and are financially successful, they can never break out of the social structure they were born into. That takes generations!

British Women Expect to Spend Time Together

British women tend to want to spend quality time with their partners. They enjoy common hobbies that both sides can enjoy. Even if it means watching sports or going to the pub, a British woman will bite her tongue and have fun while she comes along. However, she’ll expect you to return the favor down the road.

Don’t Expect Magic in the Kitchen

British food is the subject of a lot of jokes, and for a good reason. There are only a handful of famous dishes from the U.K., and they tend to be quite simple. So, don’t expect your British girlfriend to make delicious meals.

If you’re into cooking, you can perhaps teach her some recipes. However, British women typically prefer eating out or dining on something very simple at home.

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Don’t Make Fun

British women are usually funny and self-deprecating. But don’t mistake their poking fun at England or their traditions as a license to do the same.

Yes, you can freely laugh along with them. However, don’t make fun of their provincial hometown, their family, or quirky British traditions. You could hit a soft spot.

Final Thoughts

Overall, dating British women is easier for Americans than going out with people from vastly different cultures. You’ll find a lot in common, and British women are typically loyal and fun to be around. Keep an open mind and have some fun!


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