11 Things You Can Do With FORScan

Using FORScan software is a great way to modify your Ford or Mazda vehicle. Both companies have many models that work with the FORScan software program.

You’ll need to download the FORScan software and hook up a computer to your car’s OBD port. We recommend using a hardwire connection to keep things stable while you’re adjusting your car’s software.

With FORScan, you can adjust many settings on your car, including your key fob, your lights, and more. It gives you more options beyond what the settings in the vehicle console provide.

If you’re interested in exploring FORScan, below are eleven modifications you can make to get more out of your car.

Black Ford F 150 SVT Raptor Dakar Edition on a parking lot in the city of Toronto

Bambi Lights

FORScan can add “Bambi lights” that keep your fog lights on when using high beams. The extra visibility is great for people who are driving on dark roads at night.

Your fog lights usually toggle off when you turn on your high beams. However, FORScan makes it possible to keep all your lights on. Some parents make this change to their kids’ cars to keep them safer on the road.

If you live in a busy area, this may not be the best setting for you. Bambi lights are best for people who live in rural or forested areas.

Make Seat Climate Controls More Accessible

While it’s great to have climate control for your car seats, sometimes the controls are hard to get to. When it’s hot outside, and you need to cool down your seats, you want to get to the buttons as quickly as possible.

With FORScan, you can move the seat climate controls to your display home screen. That way, heating or cooling your seats is more accessible and takes only a few seconds to turn on.

Show Temperature on Gauges

The more data you have, the better you can take long-term care of your vehicle. With FORScan, you can install a modification that displays temperatures on dashboard gauges.

Stock profiles include information above the fuel gauge to let you know how many more miles you can drive before needing more gas.

With FORScan, you can install a modification that displays the temperature of your coolant above its gauge as well.

This way, you can see the exact temperature of the coolant, instead of guessing whether things are getting too hot. It also helps you know how your driving affects the temperature.

Car speedometer and tachometer closeup

Close All Windows with Fob

One of the coolest things you can do with FORScan is customize the way your key fob works. With a few clicks of the mouse, your fob will be able to close all the windows at once.

If you’ve ever had to get back in the car and insert the key in the ignition to roll up a window one of your kids forgot to close, then you know how great this modification is. It will save you time and give you peace of mind, knowing that all of your windows are closed.

Add Sport Driving Mode

This modification may not be available on all Ford vehicles, but if you have a first edition Bronco, one thing you can do is add an additional driving mode.

Though the first edition Bronco did not include a sport mode, you can use FORScan to add it. You will still have all of the standard driving modes, in addition to the new sport mode.

This change will take you less than five minutes, and it will make driving your truck more fun.

Sport mode in a modern car

No More Double Honk

Many Ford F150 drivers complain about the two beeps their horn makes when they leave their vehicle running and take the key fob with them.

Drivers usually take the fob with them on purpose. Maybe they know they will return quickly, or perhaps the key fob is attached to a belt loop or other clothing article.

The good news is you can use FORScan to disable this honking.

Change Light Blinker Settings

Another cool FORScan modification you can make is adjust the number of times your turn signal blinks when you touch it lightly.

Modern cars have a light touch setting for fast lane changes. Usually, the light touch triggers three blinks on your turn signal.

However, this modification lets you increase the number of blinks you get for each light touch. You can change the settings to make your blinker stay on longer when turning.

Lights and turn signal stalk of a new vehicle

Disable Ford Startup Video

It makes sense for Ford to put their startup video on the navigation screen, but not everyone wants to see it when they start their car.

The introduction video makes getting to music controls and setting your destination take longer.

FORScan lets you disable the introduction Ford video. As a result, your console takes less time to start up.

Avoid Accidentally Triggering Panic Alarm

We’ve all done it before but triggering the panic alarm by accident is annoying and embarrassing. It’s usually a nuisance that we try to avoid.

FORScan lets you change the panic alarm to require two button touches before the alarm goes off. This change reduces accidental alarm triggers, so you don’t have to worry about mishandling your keys and accidentally setting the alarm off.

Close up shot of car auto alarm system symbol sticker indicate the active stolen car emergency alarm security system on the side-facing window on a vehicle

Adjust Navigation While Driving

Distracted driving is a major issue in the U.S. Every year, thousands of people die because they’re fiddling with the radio, texting on their phones, or trying to adjust something in their car.

As a result, many Ford and Mazda vehicles disable navigational changes when the car is moving. However, the system doesn’t distinguish between the driver or a passenger.

FORScan lets you disable the restriction on making navigational changes while moving. Whoever you’re driving with will be able to look for restaurants or find a quicker route.

Turn Off Start/Stop

New car models incorporate automatic engine stop and start when idling on the side of the road or stopped at a red light.

It may be good for the environment, but that extra second or two it takes for your engine to turn on can be annoying to some.

For example, security drivers need to use vehicles that are as responsive as possible. Several seconds of delay could be a big problem in critical situations.

With FORScan, you can eliminate the start and stop feature to move faster once you press the pedal.

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do with FORScan. With a computer, the attachment, and the FORScan software, you have access to all the custom options a dealership has.

A great thing about FORScan is that it lets you save profiles on your computer, which makes any change reversible. If you add a modification that you don’t like after a few days, you can always revert it back to the way it was before.


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